Easter Sunday Reflections

Easter found the family together for services and time with friends.  A rather calm way to end a crazy week  as we spent time in the hospital with our son being treated for a nasty infection in his leg.  I wish I could say it is all over, but it looks like we have a 5 week period that he will continue to receive IV antibiotics three times per day.  We are stil waiting to decide if he will go back to school or simply be a homebound student for the foreseeable future.

Even in the midst of the craziness, Easter Sunday proved once again that God is in control.  The services went off without a hitch and were Spirit-filled.  It affirms that Andover is blessed with a group of people who are not only talented but have a heart for God that comes through in everything they do.  We hosted over 300 people for the two services which saw many extended families worshiping together for the day.  A great day to continue to build upon as Andover reaches deeper into our community.

So we move forward from here.  To where still remains a mystery, but I do feel it is becoming more clear as time passes that God is calling us to put down increasingly deeper roots and take increasingly larger risks…not for our own personal gain, but that we might continue to participate in building God’s Kingdom in our midst.

Happy Easter indeed.