I am speaking tonight at out engaged couples retreat weekend. We do this twice a year and it is always a highlight for many. To see people at the beginning of their journey is a great way for me to stay grounded. It also helps that I have to pretend to be the resident expert! Nothing keeps you more humble than to realize how far you have to go in your own life.

Susan and I ate coming up to our 20th anniversary this December and it makes me wonder. What lies around the corner? Hardships? Joys? Unexpected pleasures and/or pain?

Just thinking about it creates angst! Reminds me that the joy and hurt for today is enough. No need to fret about tomorrow because it won’t change anything. So. Love your family. Cherish your today. Make every day count. What if we lived as if we had no tomorrow? I am sure we would live differently. Just a thought.

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