Got to go with what you know!

The New Poor:  Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs

Insightful article about the jobless recovery we are currently staring right in the face.  Many middle-class folks are taking a huge step back with little hope of recovering their former lifestyle.


Here in Southern California, Jean Eisen has been without work since she lost her job selling beauty salon equipment more than two years ago. In the several months she has endured with neither a paycheck nor an unemployment check, she has relied on local food banks for her groceries.

She has learned to live without the prescription medications she is supposed to take for high blood pressure and cholesterol. She has become effusively religious — an unexpected turn for this onetime standup comic with X-rated material — finding in Christianity her only form of health insurance.

“I pray for healing,” says Ms. Eisen, 57. “When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got to go with what you know.”

It got me thinking what I would do if something happened in my life that prevented me from ever returning to how things are today?  After a period of grieving, what would I do?  Where would I find my hope?

Let’s be honest, you never really know how you will react until you are placed in the middle of something.  But I do believe that it is important, as the excerpt above demonstrates, that we begin today moving toward a place of strength before our road turns somewhere we never thought it would.  Finding a place of strength along with a group of people who are committed to seeing you through might be the most important thing we do.

Sounds alot like what is the church is suppose to be about!