Snow Days – Spiritual Renewal

The kids have been off a couple of days this week due to snow. And I have stayed at home to keep them from going crazy!  It has been a good time of study, reflection, and cleaning.  What I realized this morning is that my spirit has gelled with God’s.  I am working on a Lenten Reader for the upcoming season and have been alternating working on the Reader with laundry and vacuuming and folding…

There is something about bringing order to a house that connects me to God in a tangible way.  That on top of writing and exercising the creative side of my brain has brought a closeness that is significant and very sweet.

I never stopped to realize how powerful everyday things can be in our “spiritual” journey.  We typically think of a retreat as getting completely away and doing nothing, but perhaps the best retreat we can have is to go about our everyday business without a sense of rush or anxiety and therefore make time to connect with God.

So, before we think that we can’t connect with God unless we read our Bible for 12 hours per day and pray the other 12…why not stop and simply take care of the things in your life with a sense of looking for God in the ordinary?  Why can’t cleaning or taking care of the yard or being with our kids be just as much a “means of grace” as anything else?  When we do what God has created us to do…live out our lives as God intended…everything can be a time of connecting with God and honoring God’s presence.

Gotta run.  Another load of laundry needs to come out of the dryer!