Where are you going?  Really.  We are all going somewhere.  Where is it that you are heading?  And who is helping you get there…

Let me suggest that if you don’t have a “who is helping you” then you are not getting to half the place you could otherwise.  From the Christian perspective, God is the major “who” in our lives.  The unshakeable, unmovable, ever present, steadfast loving force that has our best interest in mind at all times.

In addition, God places us in communities of people who are to be our “who’s” as well.  It is these people that God calls upon to walk with us in the tough times and good times.  It is these people who pour into our lives and make us more than we could ever be on our own.  Independence is a figment of our imagination.  It is not biblical.  It is not good for us.  We were created to be dependent upon God and live interdependently with others.

Let me suggest that the Church (with all it’s flaws and difficulties) continues to be God’s chosen “who’s”.  It is not because we are any smarter or better or gifted, but it is because we are partnering with God that we are uniquely qualified to be “who’s” for each other.

If you are not part of a Church, I encourage you to begin the search this weekend.  If you are…I encourage you to take the next step in being available within those sacred walls.  Who-ville needs you.  And to be honest, you need Who-ville.