We started a new worship and Sunday School hour about a month ago. I have to own a lot of fear over this. Will it hurt more than help? Who will come? Is this just an ego trip thing for me?

Our hope was to create more Sunday School attendance as well as open up some space for worship.

While we are far from ready to proclaim “mission accomplished”, early results are encouraging. Both worship and Sunday School attendance is up. In fact, today was a high water mark for Sunday School attendance.

My first observation is that our own folks have upped their committment level to attending both SS and worship.

Secondly, we have noticed many new faces at the 11 service. While this may be a function of people getting back into the New Years groove, I also believe that a message was sent to the neighborhood that something is happening at Andover.

Thirdly, I believe we are poised to reach out during the lent and Easter season like never before. New places for new people raises awareness across the entire congregation to invite people and make them feel at home.

So far so good. Much more to do to reach our community with the love of Christ. For that I am happy to be with a group of people who are determined to make a difference!

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