Ogori Cafe: Service With a Surprise – PSFK.

Thanks to Seth Godin for this link.

What a great concept!  This cafe serves you what the person before you ordered and then you order for the person after you.  A wonderful example of the joy of giving and receiving encompassed in one meal.

Would you go?  Would you be over the top generous or would you cheapskate out?  If ever I get to Kashiwa Japan this will have to be a stop…if of course if it is still there and the experiment worked.

Taking this to another level…what if other systems worked on this concept such as compensation?  What if we worked hard so that the person behind us could reap the benefits?  Would it be an incentive or disincentive for you personally?

During lent, we will be talking about how God is the ultimate giver and we who choose to follow Christ are to be ultimate givers as well.  God gives to us so that our needs are met and that we might give to others.

Much more to come…let me leave you with this…are you passing it along (blessings that is) or do they stop with you?

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