Marx, God and Faith in the Markets – DealBook Blog –

Marx, God and Faith in the Markets – DealBook Blog –

“The Bible is revolutionary, declared a certain Mr. Marx.

No, not Karl, but Reinhard, the archbishop of Munich, who was one of the speakers on a debate entitled Restoring Faith in Economics. The idea that God made humans in his image, free-willed and responsible, is unique to the Bible among world religions, Mr. Marx said, suggesting that the market economy is the only economic system compatible with Christianity.”

Interesting idea by the archbishop of Munich. I don’t know if I understand enough to make a comment but it seems to me that Marx is equating free-will and responsibility with capitalism?

True that God did place humanity on the earth and give them the responsibility of taking care (stewarding or co-creating as some have suggested) of creation with God’s help.

One of the foundational principles of capitalism is ownership…and it is my reading that we were placed on this earth to be stewards and not owners.  Ownership is God’s…stewardship is our’s.

If you own something you tend to take better care of it, are more creative in nurturing it, and are therefore more devoted to it. That at least in my experience is an accurate statement.  But does that necessarily need to be so?

Is stewardship or ownership a higher calling?

More later…