Israel Post Day #1

Check out the new pics to the left on the flickr page!

While the journey was long, both Susan and I felt better than expected upon arriving in Tel Aviv around 3 local time. We left Lexington at 3 pm est and basically flew all night landing at 8 am est which is 7 hours behind Israel time. The first thing you notice is the large buildings, bustling metropolitan city and dust cloud as you come in for landing.

After meeting up with our tour company, we then took a 2 hour bus ride up the coast and east to Tiberius which is on the Sea of Galilee. Absolutely astounded at the great road system and ease at which it was for the bus to navigate. For two hours you felt like you never left a city. It was one settlement or group of homes after the next and then the next city and so on. Literally 80+ miles of civilization. The landscape is marked by prayer towers and mosques at each settlement we passed. Sometimes multiple prayer towers which will act as stereo speakers and announce times of prayers for the Muslims. Did not see a single church…interesting. But lots of prayer towers and mosques.

We are staying on the Sea of Galilee in Tiberius. Susan commented tonight that, “As we came to the Sea of Galilee the moon was shining bright across the water – just imagine this is the same water and land that the moon shined upon our Lord.” Over 80% of his ministry was done right in this region of Galilee which will be touring the next two days.

Can’t wait to share more as things progress. It is 9pm local time and we are heading for bed. Check out the pictures and if you want a more “real” time report friend me on FaceBook.