Dayton, Ohio Bound

Heading to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio to run in the Air Force Marathon on Saturday. I never thought I would enjoy such long runs, but it has been one of the most exhilerating things I have done. This will be, hopefully, the third one I complete and they have all had their challenges. When we begin I am full of self-doubt about training, hydration, nourishment, and toughness to make the day. But I have found the experience to be beneficial in so many area of my life. Self-discipline. Time management. Healthy lifestyle. And it has brought me closer to God. It seems that the more I push myself physically the greater awareness I have with the Creator who allows me to do such things. I am definitely thankful for the ability and the great friends who help me along this journey. I am thankful for a family who puts up with Saturday morning runs and Saturday afternoon naps. And I am grateful for the challenge. Whether I make it tomorrow or not, I am a more complete person because of having tried. Will post more after we finish!