August 22nd!!

Since it has been almost a month without a post, I think it appropriate to post about procrastination! Actually, if there is nothing burning within me I simply don’t post. I have to admit that these seasons of dryness are particularly frustrating. But I also know that they normally precede seasons of abundance. How I wish our lives were a linear progression! Instead they are a scattergram which hopefully slopes upward over the long haul.

When times of dryness or regression come, what do you do? I normally find some comfort in plodding along knowing that these are seasons and not lifetime experiences. I have found that trying extra hard simply puts too much pressure on me and leads to more frustration. However, doing nothing is not an option either.

One thing about dry seasons in life, whether they be spiritually or as with me in my writing, is that it makes the rainy season more sweet. And for that I am thankful…when it finally comes (right rain drenched Texas readers?)