The more things seem to change…they don’t

Gates Says He Is Outraged by Arrest at Cambridge Home

A premier African-American scholar is arrested in a bazaar turn of events at his own home (see article above).  Reminds me of my favorite quote from Tom Peter’s about communication, “the greatest myth about communication is that is has taken place.”  Meaning that just because we think something happened doesn’t mean it actually did.

This is never more true than in race relations within the US.  As good as things seem to be getting, there is still much work to be done to right the wrong and level the playing field that has been skewed from centuries of racism.  I am not saying that any of these officers were racist and I know there is always two sides to every story.  But on the outside, this appears to be a case where one man was not given the benefit of doubt that is duly given to many.  While it appears that Dr. Gates exhibited anger toward the officer which is never a good way to address a situation, this is still an awful turn of events.  The police department has offered an apology which is most appropriate and also most telling.

Bottom line:  There is more to be done.  And it begins with each of us examining our own hearts.  It continues with each of us intentionally seeking relationships with those who do not look, or act or think like us.  Things are getting better, but this is no time to stop.