It’s no accident…

I am working on a sermon series for the Fall entitled “Our hope is built” which will be a study of Romans.  For about seven weeks, we will be delving into Paul’s most complete (though not complete) theological treatise.  I have read the book dozens of times if not more.  I have studied it, preached from it, and been taught from it.

And I have been more surprised than ever by how God is using it in my life this time around!
Be careful about already presupposing what God is going to teach, tell, encourage, and challenge you with.  Just because something is familiar (and maybe even old) to you does not mean that God can’t use it in powerful ways.
I think that at times church can become that way for us.  We go week in and week out.  Same liturgy.  Same creed.  Same graying haired man preaching!  And yet, if we aren’t careful, God can jump out of nowhere and speak.
That is why I so often start the service by saying, “It is no accident you are here today.”  I believe that if we take the perspective that God has us in the right place at the right time things some alive.  All we have to do is to stay focused and soft hearted.
Allow familiarity to draw you closer rather than propel you away.  For God is infinite in wisdom and goodness.  More than enough for our every need.