Contentment…getting found all around

I have finally (even if temporarily) discovered contentment in life.   Or maybe it would be more exact to say that contentment has found me!  Do not mistake this statement for wanting to slow down or stand still.  Far from it.  And it is also not that everything is perfect in life right now.  I still have struggles and areas in great need of improvement.  

But what I have found (or it has found me) is that contentment is more than a set of circumstances or awards or victories or an easy life or you can fill in the blank.  Contentment is brought about by the peace that only can come from God.  And that peace is a direct result of being in the place that God wants you to be.  Being in a place that you know is God's will for you and those around you produces something akin to a runner's high (at least for me.)  It is exhilarating and leaves you wanting more.  More of God's will regardless of the personal cost.

Don't miss that last part.  God's will for your life will not always equate with your comfort.  But it will always equate with your joy!  When in the midst of God's will, the cost is truly not counted.

I do not write this post to boast but rather to encourage.  If after 17+ years, God did not give up on me and allowed me to follow His call, then so can you.  There is no stage or season in life that prevents you from transitioning your life to God's will if you are not currently there.

There is nothing like.  And to be honest, it is the only way for you or me to find (or get found by) contentment.