Say cheese

Went to see the Reds play today vs the Phillies. Had a good time with
several of my minister friends. The highlight of my trip was a Skyline
Coney in the 6th inning. I go stand in line only to find out that they
ran out of cheese. Determined to get my coney, I stand in line for
about 10 minutes until this guy showed up. Is that devotion or what?
I hope that I show the same resilience in more important areas of my
life. When it gets tough, do we walk away and look for the next best
thing? Or do we put our head down and stick it out?
I could have gotten a hot dog from the stand beside the Skyline stand.
But that is not what I came to get. How often do we settle for next
best that the world has to offer instead of the very best God has for
Think I will stop before I get to preaching.