Seth’s Blog: First, ten

Seth’s Blog: First, ten .

I do enjoy Seth Godin’s thoughts and make it a habit of reading his blog religiously (which means every Sunday and Wednesday).  He posted this past week about the “secret of new marketing” and I tuned in with great expectation.  

Let me try to synthesize it:  If you want to get your message out about anything, find ten people who “trust you/respect you/listen to you” and then empower them to take your message to the streets via word of mouth.

Sound familiar?  Perhaps even Biblical?  Jesus and the Apostle’s fit Seth’s equation. If you can’t get 10 people excited about moving forward with something, what makes us think that we can get 100 or more?  Jesus understood the power of word-of-mouth and the power of a lifestyle example.  The more I think about the church existing 2,000 years after Jesus left earth, the more amazed I become.

But we must understand that Christianity is always one generation away from extinction… 

It is up to those engaged in the Christian life to step up and make sure that the next generation has the same chance as we had.  That is why we must remain committed to training parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors to become effective disciple-makers.  The best way to raise up a child in the ways of Christ, is to do it from a loving home (and by home I mean community).