For Papers, a Downsizing Trickle Becomes a Flood –

The sand is shift right under our feet.  Fewer people are reading their papers physically and more on-line.  I know that is the case for me.  The upside is that I read 3-4 papers on-line in less time than 1 physical paper.

As the expression goes “it is what it is.”  The question is what we will do about it.  Will the papers hold onto old way of doing things because they can’t see the changes or don’t want to admit it?

The same thinking goes for the church.  Things are changing in our culture and we must at least admit to the fact even if we choose to not address it.  I believe that with all the technology that literally can run our lives, parts of the church may find it better to go “low-tech” in order to offer something very different.  In my context, we are finding more younger professionals who want to have church like they grew up with instead of the current day version of the contemporary church.  That is not to say that the contemporary church (for a lack of a better term) is bad or of base, they are simply reaching a different group of people.  The question I wrestle with is this, “Is the demographic who prefers a more traditional approach to worship a growing demographic or a remnant?”  Either way, we all must stick to what God has called and equipped us to do.  Authenticity wins out over everything else in my opinion!  If we are a zebra, don’t try to be an elephant.  ie. if we are a traditional church, don’t try to be cutting edge. People will see right through you and view the Gospel message as something that is manipulative.

More to come.