Op-Ed Columnist – The Inflection Is Near? – NYTimes.com

Op-Ed Columnist – The Inflection Is Near? – NYTimes.com.

Thomas Friedman writes in the NYTimes about the current crisis and why it was inevitable.  I want to pull out one line that I think has a lot of interesting possibilities:

‘Real wealth is something you can pass on in a way that others can enjoy.’

Do you believe that is an appropriate definition of “real wealth”.  I have some friends who have this inside joke about what ‘real worship’ is, but I see this as more than something to wax eloquently upon.

What we are leaving to others is either wealth (things they will be able to benefit from) or debt (things they will have to fix.)  This does not stop at money, but encompasses family dynamics, work ethic, respectfulness and many many other things.  I would argue that everything we do today affects those who come after us.

What are you passing on?