Miscellaneous Ramblings

Starbucks Addresses the Price Issue, and Breakfast – NYTimes.com.

In an effort to be your greatest source of Starbuck’s news, I found this in the NY Times today.  Oh, my, the new strategy is serving an egg and cheese sandwich along with a cup of coffee for under $4 is a sure sign that things are getting worse.  They are risking their entire brand on a product that will create longer lines and more chances for quality to deteriorate.

Add to this Barack Obama was out pumping up stocks today to no avail.  It seems that the markets have already discounted the President’s efforts of trying to fix the economy.  Many economists believe that the stimulus plan needs to be double the current level to even begin to undergird the economy.

On a leadership front, I am growing tired of the President reminding us on a daily basis that he did not create the crisis.  We know, we know.  But we did overwhelmingly elect the President to fix it.  Let’s keep forward looking.  He has a lot of smart people working on this and it will turn around in time.  But now is no time for mudslinging which smacks of politics instead of leadership.

On a more positive note.  Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts today as I interviewed with the Board of Ordained Ministry.  Things went very well, in my opinion, and I will hear something early Thursday.