Lenten Commitment: Being an encourager

With Fat Tuesday only minutes away and knowing that Lent is almost here, the question turns to what I will be giving up or starting for the season.  This age old custom is suppose to be a type of fast that prompts you to remember the "reason for the season".  Unfortunately, it has turned mostly into a time of giving up what we should already have given up long ago, or starting something in the same ilk.

Our Lenten series this year is entitled, "Loving the Jesus Way."  It is a study of 1 Corinthians 13 as exemplified in the ministry of Jesus.  Check out the Andover blogsite if you want to read along until Easter. 

So…in a spirit of learning to love, I want to do something that will be affirming to other's and that has an impact far beyond April 12, 2009.  John Maxwell has written a book entitled, "Encouragement Changes Everything."  What I commit to doing is reviewing a chapter of the book each week throughout Lent with helpful ideas as to how we can become more effective encouragers.  In addition, I commit to practicing what I am "preaching" on a daily basis.  While being an encourager comes easy to some and not so easy to others, I do think it is a practice that can be learned and a ministry that can be powerful.  I know from my own life the effect encouragement has had on me and my entire family. 

So if you are with me, we can make this journey together.  Buy the book if you wish, or if not, just follow along.  I would love to have your input as it would be a form of encouragement to me and to others.