Postal service threats to cut a day of mail delivery – Jan. 28, 2009 .

And my question is this:  Will it make a difference?


Will it make a difference in your life to only receive mail 5 days per week?  My guess is that it will not.  The Post Office is fighting a significantly uphill battle as our world no longer uses snail mail but goes to a digital format.  I think 5 will become 4 will become 2 will become only on demand.  If you take the advertisement pieces and credit card offers out of my mail, you are down to just bills.  Bills in the end will all be on-line in the near future.  I get most of mine that way right now.


Can we name any other institutions that are facing overwhelming battles caused by an underlying shift in how we do business and /or life?  I think the church may very well be one of these institutions if we are not careful.

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