Sermon as experience

I go through basically the same process each week to construct a 15-20 minute message.  Identify passage.  Research inductively and use commentaries.  Outline the basic message.  Manuscript.  Memorize.  All throughout prayer and listening is a vital part of the construction.  After these pieces are in place, there is nothing else to do but wait and see how God might use it.  Each person hears the message through their own personal lens.  God  uses all of this to speak into the hearts and minds of individuals.  The best sermons, in my opinion, are one-way dialogues whereby the hearer interacts with the speaker as if they are having a cup of coffee together.  

All of this to say, you never know how someone is going to engage with a sermon.  And to be honest, it is best to never anticipate what might be brewing.  Each Sunday evening is a joyful experience as I lay my head down and pray that God has used something, somewhere, somehow to bring us all a bit closer.