Starbucks and M.C. Yogi Offer You a Free Cuppa Joe — If You Volunteer | Design of the Times | Fast Company.

Will offering a free cup of coffee really activate Americans to volunteer 5 hours of their time to a local cause?  I doubt it for two reasons:  1)  the cup of coffee is worth only about $1.70, 2) High barriers to entry exist for volunteering including finding a place, making contact, and actually setting aside time.

BUT I DO GIVE STARBUCKS A PAT ON THE BACK for the sentiment and raising awareness of this important part of life.  Serving others is one of the foundations of life.  It is how God created you, me, the entire human race to operate.  Of course, Starbucks will not agree with my theology, but I am not asking them to…

It is not how much we get, it is how much we give that matters in the final equation.  Why we give is the basis of our Christian doctrine…and the answer is our relationship with the Creator.  We give because a relationship with God naturally brings about change in a life and a giving of that life for others.  It is called fruit in biblical terms…

WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY SECOND THOUGHT OF THE DAY…Should the church do less in terms of service and instead encourage our congregation to make a difference in the places of service that already exist in our community?  I am beginning to think in those terms more and more to be honest.  Rather than re-creating the wheel of service institutions and projects, should we be investing our lives alongside other people from our community in worthwhile endeavors that we are passionate about?  Now , if there is an obvious void that needs to be filled, the church is called to fill that void and do so quickly.

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