Seattle ornament banned from White House Christmas tree

Seattle ornament banned from White House Christmas tree.

Herein lies a perfectly good question.  Why on earth would you accept an invitation to make an ornament for the White House Christmas tree and then write disparaging comments upon it and confess you don’t like Christmas in the first place?  I am all for being politically correct and free speech, but this seems a bit disingenuous.  Just politely so “no” and go about your life.  Making a statement for shock value has a time and place (very few and not very often), but I am at a loss as to why the artist would see this as either.

All that being said, I am glad the Bush’s still invited her to the party and showed hospitality to someone who is diametrically opposed to them politically and personally.  There is something to be said for hospitality in the face of persecution.  I think I read that somewhere in the Bible!