School Days and an Update

We are back in school (except me thankfully) and having a great time.  Madelyn at Beaumont Middle and Marshall and Melisa at Rosa Parks.  The teachers have been wonderful and the kids seem to be adjusting to the new routine.  We are very much looking forward to a new year of soccer, basketball, baseball and ballet. It seems like we just finished all of this, but time does fly.

Andover is going well as we made it through our first summer in good shape.  Many new visitors as well as a great choir over the summer helped keep things upbeat and moving along in a positive direction.  This coming year will be a challenging one as the new car smell wears off and we begin to set some things in practice that will aid in our outreach and ability to serve.

I have been so proud (if I can say that) of the congregation's willingness to step up and sponsor an Iraqi family who is new to Lexington.  This was a perfect example of a group of people making a difference without a 'grand' master plan from the church or some other strategy.  A group of mostly Sunday School members stepped out in faith and accepted the challenge.  Once the congregation heard about the need, they were overwhelming in their support both of resources and prayer.  The Kingdom has grown just an ever bit closer for everyone involved.