Funeral Reflections

I went to a funeral this afternoon of a long time pillar of the Lexington community. Having never met her personally, I was quite taken with the reflections and eulogy describing her life. Elegance, driven, excellence, creative, forgiving, passionate, kind were all words used to describe this person. The music chosen was also a reflection of not only her musical taste, but also her personality.

It is always moments like these that remind me how fleeting life is. One day you’re 20 with your life ahead of you, and the next it is over. What we do in that between time is the stuff that counts. Think about it for a moment. What will be your legacy? What will your family say about you on that day you are laid to rest? What impact will you life have made on other people’s quality of life?

In my line of work, I witness and participate in many funerals. Along with weddings, funerals are some of the most precious times I have with families. For it is in these times of high stress and high emotion that their true colors fly. And I have to say, that I rarely meet people who simply wilt under the light of the moment.

As important as these high and holy days are of weddings and funerals, the real impact of your life happens in the smaller details of life such as picking up dry cleaning or working out at the gym. It is here, when very few people are looking, that our true colors have a lasting impact. Maybe, just maybe, this week is the week that you invite that person you see all the time to come to church with you. Or maybe have a new widow(er) over for dinner and a long conversation. Or maybe it is doing something anonymous for a loved one.

I don’t know what God is calling YOU to do this week. I do know however, that it is how we respond in the details of life that add up in the final analysis.

Have a great week. Take a risk.