Excellence versus Perfection

Link: Excellence versus Perfection.

No, this is not a theological treatise on sanctification! Actually, John Wesley viewed perfection as the complete filling of a person’s heart with God’s love. So full that everything else is pushed aside. He did not equate perfection with the absence of sin per se. Okay, enough of the theology, now back to the article.

The writer suggests that he struggles with settling for Excellence and not going for Perfection all the time. He draws a fine line between the two with Excellence being identifiable to the outside world and Perfection that next step that is often only in the eyes of the beholder in terms of quality.

Elsworth Kalas preached a sermon on “holy excellence” at chapel service one day last year. He made the case that the church needs to be a place of holy excellence in terms of relationhships and ministries. Now of course the word excellence means something different to many people, but in the end it is a commitment to using God’s gifts to there fullest potential.

One of the goals of the body of Christ is to recognize, discover, and utilize our giftedness in order to partner with God in building the Kingdom of Heaven beginning today. Being in service for God and to others is one of the greatest thrills and growing experiences we will ever have.