T minus 9 days

9 days out from Christmas, and I am amazed at how smoothly the first Advent season has gone at Andover. Lots of hard work and love have gone into the past three week’s services and they have been well received from my viewpoint. Today was the highlight of Advent, for me anyway, as we had our first ever music Sunday worship service. The Spirit today was palpable as we worshipped through handbell, violin, choral and solo music. Music really does touch so many people on a deeper level than the spoken word. As one who speaks, rather than resent this fact, I find myself embracing it and seeking to find ways to bring it even more to the forefront. The Word of God in all its many forms is powerful. Rather than limit its use or boil it down to one or two mediums, I think the church is best served by multiple forms of expression of the Word. Sometimes it takes a special Sunday like this past one to realize what is in front of our very eyes.