Millions in Sales From 3 Simple Words – New York Times

Link: Millions in Sales From 3 Simple Words – New York Times.

One of the quotes from this article is this:

Bert Jacobs is confident the brand has legs. “So much of fashion and culture is cyclical. It comes and goes,” he said. “When the trend tails off, so does your business. But optimism is not a trend. It’s empowering to celebrate life’s simple pleasures.”

I want to come back and comment some on this later. But it is amazing that t-shirts and coffee mugs are flying out the doors of some high-end retail establisments with the simple phrase, “life is good”. Must be striking a chord with folks. How is it that a t-shirt can say and evoke emotion when the church is struggling to convey an even more powerful message with even more “legs”…thought to ponder