Personal Update Ramblings

I still can’t believe that we have already had 1 month of services at our Andover campus. The time has flown by so quickly. Someone asked me tonight if I was tired. Tired doesn’t even describe it adequately, but in a weird way that is not accurate either. I am a firm beleiver that if you are doing what you love to do, with people you enjoy being around, then tiredness is not a bad sign in life, it is rather a positive reinforcement.

The highers are higher than I imagined, the lows come quickly and can be devastating for a short while. I vacilate between thinking no one will ever come back and we don’t have enough room. Both emotions are helpful and not helpful at the same time. One thing is for sure, I am not an expert at this “start-up” process and will probably never be. The things we have done have been in direct contrast to what all the experts have told us. But they seem to be the right direction for us at this point in time.

One of the joys of this new journey is that my family has been able to fully participate in it with me. Susan is working alongide with the children’s ministry start-up. Madelyn has been the crucifer each week she has been in town. Marshall and Melisa love to run around meeting new people. In fact, Marshall typically stands with me at the front door and greets people as they leave.

I have told many over the past month that we need to enjoy this time. I know that in ten years from now this experience will be a life transforming one for many, me included. But I also don’t want to wait 10 years to be able to relish what God is doing right now.

It has not been about my strength, or wisdom, or intellect. In fact, God is working in spite of my inadequacies. Which, to me, is another confirmation that God is at work!

The friendships we are forging are for a lifetime. The obstacles we are overcoming are making us stronger. And the faith that others have shown in us propels us forward and gives us courage to take more risks, try new things, and see what might happen to grow God’s kingdom. That to me is the essence of living.

For all you that have been keeping us in your prayers: THANK YOU. Please continue to do so for it is of great help to us.