Unbelievable First Service

Ernie Stamper sent me this panoramic of this morning. I will upload on flickr for better viewing. I am sure to be adding more as the week goes by and perhaps even a video for those who were unable to make it! Needless to say, today was a dream come true. Thanks for all of your prayers for the Andover startup. They were answered today in such a powerful way as we launched Andover worship services with a bang. We had a good response from First Church members as well as many from the community in the worship service with us. I was overwhelmed by the kindness of people and their patience as we were trying to make more room for everyone to seat. Those kinds of problems are good ones to address. Today was a once in a lifetime experience for me and the entire Andover group. We had no idea what to expect. I will try to put more thoughts out as I have time this week. Check out the Andover blog for the manuscript of today. I will probably be putting more devotional type material out there and saving this space for personal thoughts and musings. Again, thanks for all of your prayers and well-wishes. Today was incredible.