The Shape of Things to Come

When I posted last…

For all you faithful readers who have grown tired of checking the blog and seeing the same thing up (all three of you), I thank you for your patience.   I have included a cute picture of Marshall to help ease the pain.
 Things at the Andover Campus are humming right along for the launch on October 7th. We have two preview services (9/23 and 9/30 @ 5:00pm) to get ready for the 7th.
I have learned much during the process of working with a group of committed servant leaders to begin the new worship service.  
#1 when I get stressed, cheeseburgers and fries help.  
#2 people care about other people and are willing to give of themselves beyond what anyone would guess.  
#3  when I get stressed, cheeseburgers and fries help.  
#4  God is faithful at all times and places even when it may not be apparent to the human eye.
Much of the work is about to be complete on the building.  We expect carpet to be layed tomorrow and chairs arriving shortly after.  A bit of touchup work and settting up of rooms will leave us ready for guests.
Please continue to pray for all the volunteers and for God to begin working in hearts and minds of people who will be inviting and accepting invitations to come.  I am claiming for us all the passage from James that says, “the prayers of righteous people availeth much.”  
I will get back to regularly posting shortly and hope to add some audio blogs on a regular basis as well.