A Mother Takes on MIT

I posted the above article is not so much because of the Mom’s plight, but rather the response of the adminstrator from MIT. 

“Privacy is important,” says MIT Chancellor Phillip Clay. He says MIT protects student privacy not only because it’s the law, but because it is central to maintaining students’ trust. “Different students will do different things that they absolutely don’t want their parents to know about,” he says. “Students expect this kind of safe place where they can address their difficulties, try out lifestyles and be independent of their parents.”

While I readily admit that I would not want all my lifestory to be published upon a tablet and posted in the town square, I also realize that things that stay in the dark become musty, moldy, and grow to consume all that it comes into contact with.  A life exposed to the light is one that might still be full of mistakes (actually change that might to a will), but it is also a learning and growing experience.  

Many people stay in the dark recesses of hiding their personal lives for fear of judgment.  And judgmental attitudes force others to go underground with their problems, struggles, and personal issues rather than to seek a solution.  And in the darkness, these personal issues grow, fester, and become overwhelming.  Rather than seek help, many people seek escape.  Rather than sense hope, many sense desparation.

The church is a place for broken people.  The church is also a place for people who have found freedom from their brokenness.  The problem is this…so much of the time you can’t tell from the outward appearances who is in which camp.