Major Week Ahead

Andover is getting ready for lift-off this week.  And we need special dose of prayers as we head to the beginning line.  Notice I did not call starting the Andover service a “finish line”.  This is an important distinction because a finish line gives off the image that the work is complete whereas a starting line the work is still ahead.  We have been in training camp mode as we prepare for the October 7th first service.  Much has been done on the building (and much left to do), we have met, prayed, planned, and now we begin.  September 9th will be the first preview service which will be followed two weeks later with the second preview service on September 23rd.  Both of these days are important times of preparation for the worship team and entire community.

So this week, we get as much done on the building as humanly possible, prepare a service of worship, and host our family and friends from First Church for a time of worship on Sunday evening.  Major week with a major need for your prayers.