Truth or Fiction?

Steven Covey Quote of the Day from the Franklin Covey website:

“Nothing you do is a deposit unless the other person perceives it as such.”
Without knowing the exact context Mr. Covey is making this statement, it is difficult to know how far off base it is.  I hope he does not mean to say that other people must validate what you do before it counts.  Or that someone must realize the good we do for them before it can be deemed “good”. 
 In his book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, he spends time forwarding the concept of “win-win” in dealing with relationships.  While that sounds good on the surface, it does not square with my reading of Scripture.  Jesus says things like, “If someone takes your coat, give him your shirt as well.”  “If someone asks you to go one mile, go a second mile without being asked.”  
These are not win-win propositions.  Rather they are evidence of a life lived in submission to God’s Word and a life full of caring for others.  We are not to be doormats for everyone else, but there is something powerful about not needing to always win, come in first, be in control, etc.  The movie “End of the Spear” has a wonderful line near the end of the movie that goes something like this, “Dad did not lose his life, he freely gave it away.”  That my friends is the very essence of Jesus’ teaching and actions.  That is the highest calling for all of us.  People may never know, understand, comprehend, or appreciate our lives of giving, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t making a difference.