The Mansion dropping formalities | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Business

The Mansion dropping formalities | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Business

Put these two little tidbits from the above article in your bag of trend information.

1.) The Mansion, Dallas oldest and most well-known upscale dining establishment, is having to drop its dress code (and even allow jeans) in order to compete with other upscale restaurants. Even if the patrons don’t necessarily want to dress in jeans, they apparently still want the choice…

2.) The Mansion’s quality (food, experience, etc.) will remain the same, but the context of presentation will change in order to continue to reach the culture they operate within.

I won’t draw too many conclusions and leave most of them up to you. But here are a couple that jump out at me.

a.) The life-changing message of the Gospel must never change, but the transmission changes (music, preaching/teaching style, etc) because the context (people and culture) are changing. This does not necessarily mean that we throw out all the “tried and true” for the “new and improved”. But it does mean knowing why you are using the “tried and true” and constantly assessing its impact. If it loses it’s flavor, either you are not doing it well or the culture has simply moved away from it.

b.) Those institutions which do not stay close to their community in terms of understanding demographic and social trends will cease to be effective in reaching their community.

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