Clinton: Faith got me through troubles

Clinton: Faith got me through troubles

Let’s suspend whether you think the above article about CNN’s “Faith and Politics” discussion was more politics than a discussion. (The cynical side in me goes there pretty quickly I must admit.) But on the surface atleast, the guts of the discussion was about three people who talked about difficult times, faith, and the power that sustained them. Reminds me a lot of last weeks Romans 5 lectionary passage where Paul describes trials leading to perseverance leading to character leading to hope in God. Paul says rightly that hope in God will never fail us.

I pray for all the candidates this coming election year. While unbelievably necessary, the whole process has a way of sucking the life out of people involved. Let’s commit to uphold the candidates in prayer and ask that God would sustain them and their families. A plan for sure…also smacks of what I believe God calls us to do. Maybe this season we can become less emotionally invested in any one candidate (I am speaking for myself here) and more attuned to the bigger picture and our personal and corporate role in it.