Michelle Obama Adds New Role to Balancing Act – New York Times

Michelle Obama Adds New Role to Balancing Act – New York Times

Our society is changing right in front of our eyes. If you don’t believe me, just look at the 2008 candidates for Presidential nomination. We have serious contenders who are of color, a woman, a Mormon as well as the usual mix of WASPs. This is a time in American history that will be looked back upon as monumental on many fronts. And for one, I am glad to see this day come.

What I wanted to blog about is the notion brought out in the above linked NYTimes article about Michelle Obama. She is an instrumental part of Barack’s candidacy. A true partner and someone who is willing to sacrifice personal goals in order to be supportive. She is not the only one by a longshot, but it is a vivid reminder of the complexities of marriage and all other relationships to be honest. There are few higher things to be honored than a spouse or friend who is supportive. I am not talking about blind-enabling-co-dependent support. I am speaking about measured-appropriate-life_giving support. That is the sort of thing that we as human beings can give to one another whether it be in a marriage context, friendship, or work context. Barnabas from Scriptures comes to mind as the posterchild of encouragement that is both God-honoring and humanity-building.

We have the chance every day to support one another. Truly, we as a individuals can only reach our potential (Kingdom of God as well as earthly) if we are surrounded by others who we can support and be supported by.

Who in your life are you being a life_giver to? Who is it that invests in you? I thank God today for those relationships in my life. For without them, I would be lost.