Andover Update

I wanted to share a couple of things about the new Andover worship service slated to begin October 7th. We are on the cusp of putting the final building plans in place and moving forward with the remodeling. We are probably going to focus on paint, floor coverings, and finishes during this first round. The goal is to develop the building as the worship service grows. Rather than planning too far ahead, we have decided to do minimal structural improvements to the facility and simply see where God takes us. Secondly, the list of people who are interested and/or committed to helping Andover get off the ground continues to grow each week. This is in large part to the Launch teams dedication. And finally, we see what we think to be God’s hand at work in many ways. In short order I will be sharing with you how God brought two individuals with the very specific skills needed to help make the new worship space a reality.

As we move forward, please continue to pray for God’s hand of guidance and for our hands to stay steady, our gaze focused, and our resolve firm.