Articles of Faith: Sanctuary movement based on fairness, compassion

Articles of Faith: Sanctuary movement based on fairness, compassion

We have seen the mainline denominations and the Catholic Church take the lead on the immigration issue. It seems that these groups are a bit more aware and willing to step out on social justice issues, and for that I am thankful. What should the Church’s position be on illegal immigration and deportation? Should we simply stay out of it? Or should we fight for the rights of those who have gotten to the US?

I am still thinking and praying through this issue. On the one hand, I do not want to support a movement that encourages more people to break the law by illegally coming to the US. On the other, I do not want to see families broken apart through deportation. It seems to me that one of the solutions is investing in the countries that most illegal immigrants are coming from in order to raise the standard of living. Secondly, if that is not possible, I can’t help but think that the US has enough economic power to integrate oppressed people from these countries who choose to leave and better themselves and their families. I am not talking about welfare, but to truly integrate by providing educational opportunities which naturally lead to economic opportunities.

I know that this is a complex and difficult situation which has no easy answers. The Church needs to be at the forefront of reaching out. That I know for sure.