Status Quo…fact or fiction

How Motorola Fell A Giant Step Behind –

The above WSJ article got me to thinking about status quo. Can our life / businesses / spirituality / families remain in a steady state? Taking a cue from the seasons of nature, there does seem to be some short periods of steady state within each season. Winter arrives and we stay cold for a while. Summer does the same thing. Each of these seasons have as part of their cycle a period of “status quo”. But even in the midst of one season, we realize that the next is approaching minute by minute, day by day. And with the approaching change, we enter a season of transition which produces a myriad of symptoms such as hail, tornadoes, sleet when air masses collide.

I believe our life moves in cycles/seasons as well. There are within each season of our life a steady state for a period of time in which we begin to settle in, become comfortable, and gain economies of scale in personal terms. The temptation is to redefine normal by these steady states within our personal seasons. The problem occurs when we fight to stay within the status quo of a particular season of our life instead of embracing the next chapter and moving forward. No doubt, the transition season can be turbulent and may include vocation changes, loss of a loved one to death or move, illness and/or a whole host of things that may or may not be pleasant to experience.

What we need is a steady state of hope in our lives in order to weather our journey. This is one of the key places where faith intersects our lives adds powerfully. With hope, we can carry-on through the difficult times. With hope, we can know that the happiness of today may be fleeting, but it will not be the last. I grow more convinced daily that the message our ever changing, fast-paced world needs is one of hope. And that hope comes from not knowing what tomorrow holds, but knowing who holds tomorrow. Who holds your tomorrow?