What is in a name?

Husband. Dad. Son. Aggie Fan. Wildcat Fan. Methodist.

My list could go on and on and I am sure your’s could to. We all have an identity that is made up of the sum of many parts. Some of our many parts are more prominent than others. Some of our parts we are more comfortable with than others. Some parts change over time.

The question I want to forward is this: How tied are we to any one of our parts? Is there an unhealthy unbalance toward one of the parts of your life? In the end, it is not what we are but who and whose we are that matters. The character traits that drench every part of your life are the important ingredients that makes your life have meaning, purpose, and productivity.

It is my belief that God is more concerned about our; character than our credentials, faith than knowledge, humility than accolades. These “soft” intangible traits are the substance that God uses to change our lives and transform the world.
In life, we can only take trips that our pocketbooks can pay for (or atleast finance over time!) Spiritual growth does not require physical assets but rather internal ones (faith, humility, patience, perseverance among many others).