Bereft of BlackBerrys, the Untethered Make Do – New York Times

Bereft of BlackBerrys, the Untethered Make Do – New York Times

The very fact that an outage of an email system caused such anguish and was so widely reported tells us something about our society. We are addicted to somthing for sure: being connected, information, etc. As a BlackBerry user myself, I am speaking from personal discovery!

I want to think through what this is telling us about the impact for the faith community, but here is a first blush.

1.) Disconnecting from the world is very much needed in order to hear God. The spiritual discipline of solitude is taking a huge hit in our world.

2.) The message of the gospel is competing against so many other messages that it might be starting to look like a single tree in a forest of green.

3.) It appears that communicators of the gospel (ie. faith community)have a great opportunity to spread the message and create community (21st century community that is) by embracing the technology of our day. The message remains the same but the medium changes to meet the people.

4.) But, do we want to look like the world? By being different, may we actually be inspiring people to check out the story of Jesus for themselves?

Would love your thoughts!