Insulation not always productive

Let me share a quote from Tom Peter’s website today. I think
“doomed’ is a bit of an overstatement/hyperbole, but you get the point.

Here’s another reason “large” is doomed. Large corporations are ideally
structured to insulate the individual from any sense of anxiety about the
market in which they operate. That’s always someone else’s problem.

The point that the author is making is this: if there are a lot of people around, the natural inclination is to think that you are not needed. This makes it doubly difficult for people to utilize their gifts and calling. A larger church has to be even more intentional about making avenues for involvement and inviting people over and over again into ministries.

The converse is true that smaller gatherings may give off a vibe of not being relevant or vital. “If it were good, more people would be here!” attitudes can manifest themselves inside churches with attendance below say 100 or 50. This is not at all necessarily true, but perception is very difficult to overcome.

So? Size is not right or wrong but it must be considered. More to come later…