Holy Week Thought: Salvation through the Suffering

I have been mulling a statement that I read in Mulholland’s “The Deeper Journey”. It goes something like this, “salvation comes through suffering instead of missing it.” In our society, we all too often think of salvation as the ability to miss the hardships in life. This is neither biblical nor is it a pattern of thought based on the example of Christ. Paul says that God’s grace is sufficient. That He alone is enough for our journey.

Am I seeking to miss out on life’s difficulties and therefore spending my time guarding my heart, my relationships, my resources? I don’t believe that we should be careless in how we live our lives at all. That is not what I am saying. But I do believe that risk is a vital part of our journey here on earth. And with any risk, there is always the probability for things to not work out. But to not risk, to not try for the sake of God’s Kingdom misses the entire point of our existence.