What Are You Going to Give Up?

What Are You Going to Give Up?

Some call it a Messiah-complex. Others perfectionism. Others just hate to ask others to do something (me!) for fear it puts too much on someone else. But we do have a tendency to be overbooked, overworked, and overcommitted. My schedule tends to be run like an airlines. Conflicts and overbooking are a common occurence. I bet yours is pretty similar.

HOW MANY BEST THINGS ARE WE MISSING BECAUSE OF ALL THE GOOD THINGS WE ARE INVOLVED IN? HOW MANY GOOD THINGS DO WE MISS BECAUSE OF ALL THE OKAY THINGS THAT CLOG OUR SCHEDULE? We know all the proper techniques to solving this dilemna thanks to Stephen Covey et al. But it might be a much larger issue than a project or two at work. What if we are missing what God has planned for us because of all the things we put into our life? What if just listening (which seems unproductive to most of the world) is what God wants from us? Are we willing to begin saying no to good things in order to say yes to the best? Am I? Not sure yet to be honest. Not sure if I know what the best things are in my life. Maybe that is why I tend to shy away from “no”?

Once again, you probably expected/wanted some neat package to tie up this issue and I came up with a spaghetti bowl.