The Anglo-Saxon word for gospel is “godspell” which is where we get the definition of good news. Good news. Don’t see too much of that on our local news. Matter of fact, haven’t read too much of that in the local or national papers I read. Good news has almost become an oxymoron. Speaking of oxymorons, here are some of my favorites: adult male, airline food, fairly obvious, taped live. I am sure you have others. When we seek to live our lives in accordance with the good news of Christ, we are automatically counter-cultural. Ben Witherington uses the phrase “post-Christian” to describe the USA at this point. Followers of Christ are not the majority and indeed Christian values are described as 1950ish.

I don’t say all of this to paint a hopeless picture. Indeed, the message of Jesus historically spreads fastest when it is under attack or marginalized. The more the message becomes counter-cultural, the more distinguishable, evident and intruguing it becomes. I believe and continually pray that we are on the verge of another revival in our country. I invite you to join me in this prayer. Let us all join in praying for our neighbors and friends to realize the eternal significance that begins today from faith in Christ. We can make a difference.

Acts 8:4, “..those that were scattered went from place to place spreading the good news.”