Andover Start-up Target Date

The target date for starting a new worship service at our Andover Campus will be October 7, 2007. After much prayer and study, the group working to start the service felt that this will be a reasonable timeframe to complete all 5 phases of the work needed to start.

I would like to ask for your prayers during this time on several fronts. Please pray for the leadership group who is undertaking this project. None of us has done this before! Also pray for the community of Andover. Pray that God will begin to work in lives and bring people to the service who we can share the love of Christ with. Pray for a hedge of protection around the campus, the process, and the many lives involved. I truly believe that our battle will be a spiritual moreso than a resource or project plan one.

On a personal note, I ask prayer for my family as we begin this new phase of our journey.