The Deeper Journey

Dr. Bob Mulholland an Asbury Theological Professor, and I am glad to say a Lexington First regular, has written a new book entitled “The Deeper Journey”. I am not done with the entire book, but it has already gotten me thinking about a subject I struggle with so much. The book quickly makes the point that to go deeper in our spiritual journey with God, it is important to distinguish between busyness for God and a true relationship. The line that sticks with me is, “we are NOT called to be in the world for God, but in God for the world.” Call it semantics if you will, but these hairs are important to split! One is religiosity, the other is relationship. The former is a recipe for burnout, the latter a recipe for world change that begins with personal change before the community can be impacted.

Important words for me to hear, maybe for you too?