Shifting Sand

Q&A: Pierre Omidyar – Empower Seller

For-profit companies leading the charge for social change, justice, mercy, solving the world’s problems? If you haven’t noticed, ‘GREEN’ is in. The business world is buzzing with companies attempting to “convey” that they are environmentally and socially friendly. Fortune magazine has done many articles in the last six months. Wal-mart seems to make the front page of the Wall Street Journal on a monthly basis talking about how it is going green. FastCompany as well has devoted an entire issue to this notion of green and its implications for the future of our world and business.

Okay, let me be rant a bit here for a minute. Why has a void or vacuum has been created in this area of being ecologically and socially friendly? Why is it that companies are rushing to fill the void? The Church has left it off their radars! We are called to be the champions of the least, the lost and the last instead of Wal-mart! It’s great if they want to be sensitive to the needs of society, but when did we, the Church, our moral influence?

More later!